Magic Theater Contact
Christopher Shelton
Actor & Magician

"A magician is an actor playing the part of a magician." -- Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin

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Available to perform throughout the Denver Metro area - Local discount for Boulder residents!

STANDUP SHOW - Standup shows for children are perfect for birthday parties, classrooms, fairs, and similar events. This show runs approximately 45 minutes, as Christopher presents updated classics of magic and mindreading. No dusty props or akward one-liners. Everything in the show has been re-imagined to entertain and inspire today's impossibly savvy young minds. Each child will have the opportunity to participate.

MAGIC TABLE - A magic table is ideal for tradeshows, receptions, dances, and gala style events where guests' time is not structured. Christopher will set up in a fixed location and perform close-up illusions, gambling demonstrations, mindreading, fortune telling, and more for any guests who visit the table.

PARLOR SHOW - "In a world of big-data and social media, what does it mean to have a secret?" With machines beating us at all our own games, and every answer at our fingertips, the defining feature of the human mind is no longer its potential and capacity, but its limitations. Leaving the traditional party tricks behind, Christopher employs magic's deepest secrets and cutting edge theory to examine the nature of information, communication, and identity in the smartphone age.

Lessons can be held in person in Boulder, or through your preferred online video service such as Skype.

GROUP LESSONS - Groups of up to 12 can learn magic together in a course of 1 - 8 sessions. Students learn tricks they can craft and perform with common objects, practice for each other, and receive feedback from Christopher before going home to perform for their family and friends. Each trick taught is based on an important principle of magic, and Christopher helps direct the students to more material that takes advantage of their new skills. Courses with multiple sessions cover a range of magic styles, and include viewing and discussion of historical and contemporary magic performances.

COACHING - One-on-One coaching allows students to proceed at their own pace and guide their own discovery. Drawing on an expansive knowledge of magic, and his training as an actor and director, Christopher will help you discover the perfect tricks and become a master performer. Whether you just want to learn one, impossible card trick to impress your friends at poker night, or you are seeking to take the next step in a lifetime of study, Christopher has the secrets that will make your magic as unique as you are.

ACTING FOR MAGICIANS - "You want to make your audience feel wonder. Can you make yourself feel wonder?" Actors make us believe in their reality not by proving it, but by reacting truthfully to it. Their specific choices create compelling character, clear narratives, and heartstopping moments on stage and on camera. Emotional responses are isolated and trained through repetition in the same way as sleight of hand. Inspired by his work with Andrew Goldberg in the Shakespeare Gym, Christopher has curated a "bag-of-tricks" for magicians drawn from classical theater, method acting, and avant-garde performance. Magicians will learn how improv training can be much more than a tool to deal with hecklers, how to find and accent the emotional beats in their routines, and physical and vocal techniques that will instantly enhance their presence and misdirection.